Building with Breven: The Ultimate Guide to Building a Custom Home

Building with Breven: The Ultimate Guide to Building a Custom Home

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“Custom home building is not for everybody. Understanding the cost, expectations, and what it entails as early as possible will help people decide sooner rather than later.” Bryan.

Building with Breven is a dynamic and informative podcast dedicated to enlightening aspiring homeowners about the intricacies of constructing their dream custom homes. Hosted by Bryan and Steven, experienced and passionate custom home builders, this podcast serves as an invaluable resource for anyone looking to create a personalized living space. Through in-depth discussions, expert interviews, and practical tips, “Building with Breven” equips listeners with the knowledge and insights necessary to navigate the complex world of custom home building, ensuring that their vision becomes a reality while avoiding common pitfalls and challenges in the process.

Why Bryan and Steven started the podcast

Bryan and Steven embarked on their podcast journey, “Building with Breven,” to fill a void in information for future homeowners interested in custom home building. They recognized that many people were eager to create their dream homes, but the resources and guidance available to them were limited.


The primary reason for starting their podcast was to demystify the complex world of custom home construction. They noticed that there was a lack of accessible information on how to initiate the custom home-building process. Bryan and Steven aimed to simplify this process by breaking down the steps and providing clear, straightforward guidance.


Another key aspect that motivated them was the need to help individuals find reputable custom home builders. Many prospective homeowners were unsure of how to select a builder that could bring their visions to life. Bryan and Steven saw this as an opportunity to shed light on how to identify and engage the right professionals for the job.


Moreover, they sought to clarify the intricacies of different types of contracts used in custom home building, making it easier for their audience to understand the legal aspects of the process.


In essence, Bryan and Steven’s “Building with Breven” podcast was born from their desire to empower future homeowners with knowledge about custom home construction, equipping them with the tools and insights needed to embark on this exciting journey confidently.

Who is the podcast for?

The podcast “Building with Breven,” is designed for individuals who have an interest in creating their own unique homes. It caters to future homeowners looking to learn about the process of constructing a custom house. Whether you’re a first-time builder or someone seeking to enhance your knowledge in home construction, this podcast offers valuable insights and guidance. It serves as an educational resource, providing information and tips for those eager to embark on the journey of building a custom home. “Building with Breven” aims to support and inform anyone with an aspiration for personalized home design and construction.

The insights that listeners can get from the podcast

“The Building with Breven” podcast offers valuable insights for its listeners who are interested in custom home building. This show equips you with knowledge about the entire process, making it accessible for beginners. First, you’ll learn how to kickstart your custom home journey. They provide guidance on where to begin, helping you navigate the often daunting initial steps.


Moreover, the podcast dives into the critical topic of finding a reputable custom home builder. Listeners gain valuable advice on what to look for, ensuring you choose a skilled and trustworthy professional for your project. The podcast also educates you on the different types of contracts involved in custom home building, ensuring you’re well-informed about your agreements.


Perhaps most importantly, “Building with Breven” serves as an unbiased third-party resource. You can trust the information provided, as it isn’t influenced by any particular builder or company. This impartiality allows you to make informed decisions throughout your custom home-building journey.


In summary, the podcast is a fantastic source of knowledge for anyone considering a custom home, providing a wealth of insights and guidance to ensure a successful and informed building experience. STAY TUNED!


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