The Breven Process

Breven Homes
Our Process

From beginning to end, our process is constantly being reviewed and improved based on previous homeowners’ feedback to ensure your experience is enjoyable and memorable.

Step 1:
The Initial Conversations

From your first inquiry, we begin by learning more about your goals, expectations, budget, timeline, and much more.


We give you plenty of time to ask questions and learn more about Breven Homes and what sets us apart.

Step 2:
In-Person Meeting

We’ll continue the conversation in person, where we dive into more details about your project. We will also show you past projects that have a similar scope to help you gain a clearer idea of what’s involved in building your new home. We can meet at a central location for coffee or lunch, or we can meet at your lot if you have already purchased land. Don’t worry if you haven’t purchased land; we can help you with that and ensure that everything you want to put on your lot will fit.

If you are applying for a construction loan, now would be a good time to begin working with a bank on a pre-approval so we can understand how much you can afford.

Step 3:
Concept/ Design Phase

We will connect you to one of our architects to begin formalizing the floor plan and elevations on paper. This is an important step as Breven Homes will be integral in the design process to ensure we are value engineering the plan set as it progresses. This is a function of getting as much of your “wants” into the plans while controlling and managing the estimated costs. One of our deliverables is a 3D rendering/virtual reality walk-through so you can see your design come to life before we even start building!

If you come to us with a plan set already designed from the architect of your choosing, we are happy to see if we are the right fit for you. We would still go through all of our steps laid out here and just skip this step.

Step 4:
Preliminary Building Agreement

A preliminary building agreement (PBA) is needed to provide a fixed-price proposal and building contract. It lets you understand the cost of the project, so you do not need to stress about costs throughout the entirety of the project. A fixed price proposal and building contract also allows us to guarantee a handover date. For example, Breven Homes includes in our PBA things like engineering, surveys, construction drawings, project schedule, allowances, and other important items which allow for calculations of a fixed price proposal in our PBAs. Upon completion of the PBA, we will deliver a comprehensive fixed-price building contract proposal.

Step 5:
Fixed Price Proposal & Building Contract Signing

Once you are comfortable with the fixed-price proposal we will proceed with signing a building contract. This contract is very detailed explaining what is included and what is not included so there is no confusion or miscommunication.

This is when you will close on your construction loan, if applicable.

Step 6:
Permits & Pre-Construction

There is a lot that goes into pre-construction. We work with you on all of your interior and exterior selections while we are getting the home structurally engineered. We are gathering all the necessary documents to turn in for approval to the Architectural Control Committee (ACC, sometimes called Architectural Review Board, ARB), in order to obtain all needed permits. Breven Homes also obtains all the necessary insurance policies to protect your asset.

Step 7:
Begin Construction

This is where we get to demonstrate our “on-time, on budget” guarantee. We will have meetings with you on-site once we reach certain milestones throughout the build to ensure we are constantly aligned with your expectations while you see your dream come to life!

Step 8:

We hand over the keys to your completed home, with love and appreciation of your trust in Breven Homes to build your stunning new home.

Breven Homes protects your new asset with a StrucSure Home Warranty.