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Dripping Springs

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Dripping Springs

A quaint, charming town popular with people who want a more pastoral setting at home.


Founded in the mid-1800s, Dripping Springs, despite remaining a small town, has experienced steady population growth since it began, as people sought out a quiet, relaxed lifestyle near the big city. The town is known as the Gateway to the Texas Hill Country, as it rests just between the vast countryside and the city of Austin, providing plenty of opportunities to get outdoors and explore.

Like most of Texas, the weather in Dripping Springs stays on the warmer side. Summers are hot, while winters are mild.

Breweries, wineries, and distilleries are easy to find in the area, from the quaint downtown area to just a short drive away. Each has its own techniques and tours, making it fun to go and visit different ones for a well-rounded understanding of the process.

What to Love

Local Lifestyle

A rural community with the activities of a suburb, Dripping Springs is popular among young professionals and families who want a scenic quiet place to come home to. There’s a large amount of protected land in the area, and the town is right next to the Texas Hill Country, so people with active lifestyles and nature lovers enjoy easy access to hike/bike trails, secluded swimming holes, and more.

People who are seeking a sense of community will love Dripping Springs. Since the town is fairly small, the residents know each other and care, providing a sense of inclusion that many big cities lose.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

Dripping Springs is home to some great restaurants that embrace the small-town community. Start your day off right at Mazama Coffee, where they offer a variety of baked goods like pumpkin spice bread to pair with your perfectly-brewed coffee – and for an extra boost, the Black Eye comes with two shots of espresso. For lunch, Thyme and Dough offers light dishes to boost your energy, such as a kicked-up meatloaf sandwich or an Italian-influenced turkey panini. There’s a variety of options available for dinner, from oversized enchiladas at Verde’s Mexican Parilla to an assortment of burgers at the casual Route 12 Filling Station. For a night out with friends, hit Homespun, a charming restaurant with an extensive menu. For those looking for comfort food, try their crispy fried chicken, or go lighter with their fresh fish tacos. Pair your meal with a drink from their varied cocktail menu.

If you’re looking for something to do on the weekend, compare the two local distilleries – Deep Eddy Vodka versus Dripping Springs Vodka. While the former aims to be accessible and fun, the kind of liquor you’d enjoy at music festivals or drinking by the lake, the latter has ancestral ties to royalty and hopes to provide a refined flavor palette. Visit each location and enjoy a tasting to decide which fan club you fall into.

Things to Do

There’s plenty to do in Dripping Springs, despite its small-town reputation. Nearly every night sees a special event at Hudson’s on Mercer St, whether it’s karaoke night or a live performance from a talented local band. If you’re looking for some time outdoors, make a reservation at Hamilton Pool Preserve, where you can take advantage of the natural pool and the hiking and biking trails. There’s even the opportunity to take guided hikes for those looking to learn more about the development and wildlife of the area.

Learn how olive oil is made at Texas Hill Country Olive Co., where you can take tours through the orchard and mill while learning all of the steps that go into producing the finest olive oil in Texas. Afterward, enjoy an oil and balsamic vinegar tasting and grab a meal in the on-site bistro.

In the past few years, Dripping Springs has won a new title as the wedding capital of the state. People travel from all over to get married against the pastoral backdrop and the town now boasts over 35 venues from rustic barns to a Vietnamese chapel. Texas’ penchant for good weather and excellent cuisine can provide reassurance to engaged couples that their wedding won’t face any major issues.

In 2014, Dripping Springs gained recognition for their ordinance reducing outdoor lighting after dark and now the town is popular among astrotourists, people who travel to destinations with minimal light pollution to observe the beauty of space. From constellations to meteor showers, make sure that at least once you take the opportunity to watch the universe.


Dripping Springs is served by the Dripping Springs Independent School District.

Dripping Springs High School, 9-12, named one of America’s top high schools by Newsweek and U.S. News and World Report

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