The Ten-Step Path to Your Dream Home

The Ten-Step Path to Your Dream Home

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“The sooner you can get a builder into the custom home building process, the better because they shed some light and bring a different perspective.” Steven.

Welcome to Breven Homes’ guide on “The Ten-Step Path to Your Dream Home.” As a custom home builder in Central Texas, serving the vibrant communities of San Antonio, Austin, Lakeway, New Braunfels, Canyon Lake, Spicewood, and Horseshoe Bay, we understand the excitement and challenges that come with creating your ideal living space. This straightforward, easy-to-understand guide will walk you through the journey of bringing your dream home to life. Whether you’re envisioning a cozy retreat in the Hill Country or a modern oasis in the heart of the city, we’ll break down the process into ten simple steps, making the path to your custom home not only attainable but enjoyable.

1. Deciding if a custom home is right for you:

The first step is to determine if a custom home is the right choice for you. Custom homes offer the freedom to design a house that suits your unique needs and preferences. You get to choose everything, from the layout to the finishes. However, it’s important to consider your budget, timeline, and your willingness to be involved in the design and construction process. If you value creativity, have specific requirements, and want a home that truly reflects your personality, a custom home may be the perfect choice.

2. Selecting a builder:

Choosing the right builder is one of the most critical decisions you’ll make. Breven Homes, as a trusted custom home builder, can make this process easier. Look for builders with a strong track record, excellent references, and a portfolio that aligns with your vision. Meet with potential builders to discuss your goals and ensure you’re comfortable with their communication and project management style. The builder will be your partner throughout the journey, so a strong, transparent working relationship is key.

3. Purchasing a lot/land:

Location is everything in real estate, and this applies to custom homes as well. You’ll need to secure a suitable lot or parcel of land before moving forward. Consider factors such as proximity to work, schools, and amenities. Evaluate the local zoning regulations and infrastructure to ensure it aligns with your plans. Breven Homes can assist you in finding the perfect location that meets your criteria and helps bring your dream home to life.

4. Designing with an architect, builder, and designer:

Collaborating with a team of professionals is where the magic begins. Engage with an architect, builder, and designer to create a design that harmonizes with your lifestyle and preferences. The architect will focus on structural elements, the builder on construction feasibility, and the designer on aesthetics. This collaborative effort ensures that your dream home is not only beautiful but also practical and within budget.


Your architect will draft blueprints that consider your unique needs, incorporating features like the number of bedrooms, layout, and special design elements. Your builder will provide valuable insights into construction costs and feasibility. A designer will work on interior and exterior aesthetics, helping you choose finishes, colors, and materials to achieve the look and feel you desire. The synergy between these experts will be the cornerstone of your custom home’s success.

5. Preliminary Building Agreement (PBA)

Once you’ve finalized your custom home design, the next crucial step in your journey to your dream home is the Preliminary Building Agreement (PBA). This agreement is a preliminary contract that outlines the terms and conditions of the project. It serves as a bridge between the design phase and the actual construction of your home. Breven Homes will work with you to create a PBA that specifies the project’s scope, cost, and timeline. This agreement typically includes details like the selected floor plan, customizations, and any site-specific considerations.

6. Building Agreement/Contract

With the Preliminary Building Agreement in place, the next step is the creation of the Building Agreement or Contract. This document formalizes the project’s scope, costs, and other important details. Breven Homes will work closely with you to draft a comprehensive contract that outlines every aspect of your custom home project. The contract includes specifics such as the agreed-upon floor plan, a breakdown of costs, payment schedules, and a projected timeline for construction. It’s essential to thoroughly review and understand the contract before signing to ensure that all your expectations are addressed, and there are no surprises down the road.

7. Financing

Securing the necessary financing is a pivotal step in building your dream home. Breven Homes will guide you through the financing process, connecting you with trusted Central Texas lenders specializing in construction loans. These loans provide funds to cover the costs of your custom home project. It’s important to have your financial plan in place before proceeding to construction to ensure that the project remains on track and within budget.

8. Permitting and Approvals

Before construction can begin, your custom home project must receive the required permits and approvals from local authorities. This step involves submitting your plans and designs to the appropriate agencies for review and clearance. Breven Homes has extensive experience working with Central Texas municipalities, understanding the local building codes, and navigating the permitting process. We will take care of the paperwork and approvals, ensuring that your project complies with all regulations and requirements.

9. Construction

The moment you’ve been waiting for has arrived: construction begins! Once the permits are secured, and financing is in place, Breven Homes will mobilize its skilled team of professionals to turn your dream home plans into reality. During this phase, you’ll witness your home taking shape as the foundation is laid, walls are raised, and the intricate details of your custom design are brought to life. We maintain open lines of communication with you throughout the construction process, providing regular updates on progress and addressing any questions or concerns you may have.

10. Closing and Handover

The closing and handover phase is the final step in our ten-step path to your dream home. This is the moment you’ve been eagerly waiting for. It involves the completion of all necessary inspections, paperwork, and legal formalities before you take ownership of your new custom home. During this phase, we conduct a final walkthrough to ensure that everything is as per your expectations and that all the agreed-upon details have been executed to your satisfaction.


At this point, you’ll be presented with the keys to your new home, and we’ll provide you with all the essential documents and information about the maintenance and care of your property. Our team at Breven Homes will also address any last-minute questions or concerns you might have.


In this article, we’ve outlined the ten-step path to your dream home. Building your dream home is an exciting journey, and it’s our privilege at Breven Homes to be part of it. We understand that your home is a place of comfort, joy, and lifelong memories, and we are dedicated to ensuring that every detail meets your expectations. Our commitment to quality and personalized service makes the process of creating your custom home a rewarding experience from start to finish. We look forward to helping you turn your dream home into a reality.


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